The Renovation

The renovation of the Old McHenry County Courthouse and the Old Sheriff’s House and Jail, together known as the “Courthouse Complex,” will be made possible through the creation of a new limited liability corporation (LLC), which will include the City of Woodstock. The LLC will own and manage the Courthouse Complex, which will be divided into configurable rental units.

Businesses, entrepreneurs, and organizations selected through this process will have the opportunity to participate in the design renovation phases to create their perfect space. Additionally, if they have ideas for the buildings beyond the scope of the city’s current renovation concept, there may be opportunity to revise internal plans accordingly. (External alterations to the buildings will be extremely limited as the complex is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.) The costs of tenant investments in their spaces potentially can be offset over time through creatively structured lease agreements.

The new connector building will contain an elevator and staircase on the Throop Street side. The renderings below are under review by the city.

The conceptual layout of the complex envisions seven to ten zones for potential tenants with three common stairways, a common elevator, and six common washrooms. The existing patio will remain and continue to be well suited for outdoor dining on the Square. Tenants may have the opportunity to combine zones of use for an expanded footprint in the complex. Alternately, many of the zones can be subdivided to accommodate those looking for smaller or shared spaces. Building covenants will be drafted and incorporated into lease agreements to clarify allowed uses, provide rules for altering spaces, and specify control and management of common spaces.

The above diagram illustrates the seven potential tenant spaces as well as the common areas that connect them (un-numbered). The diagram below labels these zones with the city’s preferred or recommended uses. This includes an arts-focused community center on the main floor that may be operated by the Woodstock Public Library. While all of these uses have been identified by the city as being suitable and desirable for the complex, any proposal in alignment with the selection criteria will be considered.