Request for Proposal Document

The Woodstock City Council understands the unique historic and economic resource potential of the Woodstock Square.  They continue to invest in way-finding and street-scape improvements.  They have established a Facade Improvement Program for properties in the Downtown Tax Increment Financing District.  City officials work closely with business owners looking to open or expand.  Notably the City worked with the owners of the Woodstock Theater to allow the transformation of a historic downtown theater into a multiplex movie theater on Main Street while retaining and restoring the original theater.

The City of Woodstock envisions the property as a “destination and attractive anchor for downtown Woodstock, combining a unique mix of uses that will appeal to residents and visitors alike, with the buildings fully rehabilitated and  significant original features restored to last another 150 years.”

The developer selection process will include the appointment of a selection committee consisting of representatives of the City Administration, City Council, Historic Preservation Commission and the Economic Development Commission.   There will also be an opportunity for the public to review and comment on the recommended proposals.

Woodstock’s City Council, administration, and employee’s are committed to working with any potential future owners of the courthouse and Sheriff’s house, and understand that the public/private relationship is key to the project being successful. 

Please click the link below to view and download the RFP packet



Existing First Floor Plan
Existing Lower Level Floor Plan[1]
Existing Second Floor Plan[1]
Gary W Anderson baseline conditions report
IHPA Financial Incentives summary
Alta survey
Building history and photographs
Design guidelines and recommendations
Downtown parking map


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